BIGSKY Tower Systems - What We Do

BIGSKY sells transmission towers that we manufacture under a licencing agreement with the patent holder. Our experience in fabricating towers and our attention to detail is unmatched. This tower product offers IT companies an innovative solution to the marketplace because of the quality, design, and versatility.

The towers have been meticulously designed with regard to material composition of parts for weight, performance and tolerance standards, including electroactive and magnetostrictive characteristics and performance.

Innovative improvements to deal with temperature variations, such as the incorporation of new industrial 2 part adhesive lock-types into the construction, has increased our safety factor by a multiple of 8x.

Each tower location will be registered to its specific GPS coordinates. The customer will specify the antennas proposed for use.
This allows BIGSKY to evaluate the atmospheric conditions that can affect CSA-1 or CSA-3 wind load, and then licence use of the tower based on the actual location and configuration. Towers are rated up to 200km winds, providing the utmost in safety.

If a tower is to be relocated, BIGSKY must be contacted to re-licence the tower for a different configuration.

We are not:

  • a contractor
  • an engineering firm
  • an internet service provider

BIGSKY does not build the towers outside of the facility or deploy them. Contractors can be hired to build the towers on site, and we can assist in identifying suitable installers. Alternately we can provide training for personnel. A comprehensive manual, with step-by-step instructions, is provided to buyers, and an emergency referral line is available for additional technical advice if unforeseen challenges arrise.