BIGSKY Tower Systems - Who We Are

We are BIGSKY, a dynamic new OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We specialize in addressing the needs of Wireless Internet providers worldwide seeking to maintain and expand their services to commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential users.

We manufacture transmission towers that are of the highest quality and bring vast experience and dedication to our customers. Our innovative company is committed to growing a sustainable and socially responsible enterprise by providing technically sound, environmentally friendly, and economically feasible solutions and service.

This new venture is based on a licensing agreement for intellectual property and use of patent with Big Sky Tower Systems Inc. Improvements to this technology are actively explored and implemented to ensure optimal convenience and results for users.

The patent-pending technology is a non ground-penetrating Self-Supporting Antenna System.

A rapid deployment, microwave tower based backbone can traverse swamp, rock, and challenging landscape far more effectively than fibre optic cable. Our product not only reduces up-front costs to buyers but also ongoing maintenance expenses.

All microwave towers along a backbone can act as its own hot spot thereby providing serial broadband access to road travelers on handheld and mobile devices as they travel through any terrain and weather. This offers a significant safety and emergency feature to a network.